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What we do

Ullmann International is the vital link between our international manufacturing partners and our UK customer base. Our proactive approach means we research the latest technical and creative developments from our factories, and match them with the requirements of our customers. At the same time, through constant contact with our customers, we report market trends to our manufacturers. Our encyclopaedic knowledge of textiles from fibre to finished product helps solve our customers’ problems, so dealing via Ullmann International is a pleasure, and is highly cost-effective as customers save so much time and hassle.

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Who we are

Ullmann International is a family-owned, UK-based fabric & yarn agency. Our knowledgeable sales team has a combined experience of well over 100 years in textiles, and our dedicated account managers ensure that our customers receive the highest levels of service and satisfaction. Many of our manufacturing partners have been associated with us for over 20 years, a true testament to the value of working with our company.


Our manufacturing partners are in Spain, Italy, India and China, providing some of the most beautiful upholstery, soft-furnishing and bedding fabrics in the world. Our mills offer many stock-supported ranges with small minimum order quantities, with enormous diversity of designs across the spectrum of natural fibre, man-made fibre, semi-plain, piece-dyes, woven effect yarns, Dobbies, Jacquards, velvets, and rotary and digital prints, as well as ready-made curtains, cushions and bedding. We are the sole representatives for Tempotest High Performance indoor / outdoor fabrics, solution-dyed acrylic plain and fancy weaves, solution-dyed polyester digital and rotary-prints.

Rotary Print Digital Print Piece-dyed Fabrics Yarn-dyed Fabrics Solution-dyed Fabrics Ready Made Curtains Ready Made Cushions Ready Made Bedding Upholstery Fabrics Soft Furnishing Fabrics High-Performance / Outdoor Wide-width


Our specialist team has been serving our customers a wide variety of yarns for well over 30 years, catering for the Fashion, Home Textile, Aerospace, Technical, and Automotive industries. We supply high quality yarn from several European specialist spinners of plain and fancy yarns in wool, silk, cashmere, cotton, and linen, as well as a wide array of man-made yarns in polyester, nylon, Kevlar, PBI, Kanecaron etc.

Natural Fibre Man-Made Fibre Performance Outdoor Apparel Yarns Fancy/Effect Cotton Luxury (wool/silk/cashmere) Yarn-dyed Hank-dyed Stock-supported Anti-bacterial PPE

Meet The Team

Andrew Ullmann

Director & Fabric Sales

Phone: 07880 580 580

Andrew Ullmann started his textile career specialising in flame-retardant fabrics for the hotel and contract fabrics sector. As the business grew, he diversified into home textiles for home soft-furnishing and upholstery. This business has blossomed, now selling printed and woven fabrics from a variety of international mills to a growing group of clients in several sectors. Andrew has become well known and respected throughout the industry and was made a Chartered Fellow of the Textile Institute in 2016, and is a graduate of the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Businesses growth and leadership course.

Andrew Mann

Fabric & Luxury Yarns

Phone: 07767 837 838

Andrew Mann has a textile background, beginning his career straight from school with a famous Yorkshire weaver. His detailed knowledge of luxury yarns for home furnishing and apparel fabrics - cashmere, silk, wool and rare fibres - are central to Andrew’s product range. Andrew also has long experience of upholstery and soft-furnishing fabrics, managing weaves from Italian, Indian and Chinese suppliers which are perfect for all levels of the market.

Lisa Mclean-Dutton


Phone: 0113 201 8844

The Ullmann International Administration Team provides excellent customer service as well as back-up to the sales team. Lisa works closely with Mike Clayton and Andrew Mann dealing mainly with our yarn Principals. Lisa’s experience spans many years of accurate, responsive and commercial service.

Lorna Earle


Phone: 0113 201 8844

The Ullmann International Administration Team provides excellent customer service as well as back-up to the sales team. Lorna’s experience spans many years of accurate, responsive and commercial service, focussed on our fabric customers and principals, and she is also P.A. to Andrew Ullmann.

+44 (0)113 201 8844


“I couldn’t have done it without you & your team. Thanks for everything – it’s a great collection”

RK, London

“We normally don’t use agencies because typically, they’re useless. Not you. You’re different – helpful, knowledgeable & patient. We wouldn’t hesitate to bring our next digital print collection to Ullmann”

DC, Sussex

“We rely on Ullmann’s experience to guide us to the best route to market”

LV, Paris

“The quality of our newest outdoor print collection is superb, delivered on time and the communication was outstanding”

TW, Gloucester

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FiBart Spa was founded in 1974 and is a family-owned mill based in Pistoia in Tuscany; the region credited as the origin of the Italian Textile Industry. This professional and reliable mill offers dobby plains, textured semi-plains, co-ordinate jacquards and velvets, on a 4-5 week lead time, with 1-2 roll minimums. Most fabrics are made from 75%+ natural fibres. Flame retardant (FR) back-coating and innovative fabric exclusive treatments, including Natursphere and CleanOdor Plus, are available. Continual investment in R&D, tailored towards current trends in yarns, colour and techniques is reflected within FiBart diverse fabric offering. FiBart also produces customer’s own designs for worldwide exclusivity for all General Domestic and Contract fabric applications.

A note from Andrew Mann: FiBart and Ullmann have worked side-by-side since 2008. Our business has grown steadily every year, as we work together to create the latest on-trend fabrics. Buying from a European mill helps our customers benefit from short lead times, low MOQs and accurate prices, without concern over the quality of the products delivered. The team in Italy make the entire process easy, and the synergy between our Customers, FiBart and ourselves ensures first-class results by creating wonderful designs, using the latest weave-techniques, with the latest yarns, in the latest colours.

Contact Details: FiBart Spa, Via Salcetana, 88, 51031 Agliana PT, Italy

For product enquiries, please contact Andrew Mann on 0113 201 8844 or email


BSL Furnishings

BSL Furnishings Ltd was founded in Bhilwara, in Rajasthan in 1971, a member of the US$900 million turnover LNJ Bhilwara Group. The Home Furnishings fabric division offers competitively priced 100% silk and silk blended plains, jacquards & embroideries and 100% yarn-dyed polyester, polyester/viscose and polyester/cotton/linen fabrics. Recently, the introduction of fibre-dyed Bamboo/Cotton/Linen and Bamboo/Linen semi-plains, checks, stripes and embroideries have allowed BSL to compete in the Dual Purpose market, for use on sofa covers, as well as curtains/drapes. Fibre dyed, ‘’linen look’’, 100% polyester dobby plains have also been added to the collection, to popular reception. 100% Trevira and Hybrid FR polyester is available, as well as FR prepared-for-print (PFP) and prepared-for-dyeing (PFD) base fabrics for the Contract Furnishings sector.

A note from Andrew Mann: BSL are an excellent manufacturer of some of our more clever fabrics, especially the Bamboo/Cotton/Linen fibre-dyed fabrics. Some of their designs are simply beautiful and have added an element of traditional design that our customers really enjoy. We work closely with BSL on their colouration & designs, but have the ability to match customers-own colours for new projects and even create bespoke fabrics for a particular brief. The team in India are flexible, reliable and friendly, but you don’t have to go that far to see them – they’re at Heimtex every year!

Contact Details: BSL Limited, 26, Industrial Area, Gandhi Nagar, Post Box: 17, Bhilwara-311001, Rajasthan, India

For product enquiries, please contact Andrew Mann on 0113 201 8844 or email


Para Spa

Since this family-owned company started in 1921, Parà is world-renowned for producing well-designed, attractive and durable, high quality fabrics at a mid-market price, with outstanding levels of service. Using a fully-vertical production cycle, Parà controls every aspect rigorously, ensuring that every despatch is of the highest quality for both, man-made, and natural-fibre fabrics. Cotton, linen and unions, piece-dyed semi-plains, and rotary and digital prints with soft tumble or brushed finish to create a wonderfully natural hand. Parà is the home of Tempotest® & TempotestSTAR® high-performance textiles, for indoor/outdoor use. The colour-woven, solution-dyed-acrylic Tempotest® range is treated to resist mould, and dirt and is water and oil repellent, ideal for awnings, garden & marine; or softened for drapery. Tempotest® is exceptionally colourfast to light and weather, scoring grade 7/8, ISO 105-B04. TempotestSTAR® is solution-dyed polyester, colour-woven high-tech, or plain as greige for digital or rotary prints for a variety of applications.

A note from Andrew Ullmann: Ullmann International and Parà s.p.a. of Milan, Italy, have been partners for over 25 years. Their ability to provide outstanding quality fabrics, at competitive prices, with optimal service is unrivalled in the industry. Our special relationship has ensured a continuous growth, to solidify Parà as one of the market leaders for Italian fabrics in the UK. A visit to the mill is a must… The pizza is fantastic!!

Contact Details: Para Spa, Viale Monza, 1, 20845 Sovico MB, Italy

For product enquiries, please contact Andrew Ullmann on 0113 201 8844 or email


Filati Buratti

Founded by Filippo Buratti in Biella, Italy in 1968, FILATI BURATTI S.p.a specialises in the production of pure silk and silk-blended yarns; now under the management of Federico Buratti, Filippo’s son, and his team. Buratti's vertical production facilities enable them to control the preparation and combing of mulberry and tussah silk tops, ahead of spinning of ecru/natural singles yarns, twisting and final hank-dyeing, drying and winding onto weaving cones. Strict quality controls at all stages of production ensures total quality and a most reliable stock service.

A note from Andrew Mann: Ullmann International has represented Filati Buratti for over 30 years and has developed strong partnerships with some of the UK’s leading manufacturers of luxury woven apparel and fine home-furnishing fabrics. We are proud to provide a huge offering of stock-supported, coloured, yarn ranges which includes 100% Mulberry silk in Nm2/60; Nm2/120 and Nm2/200 AAA solid and melange; Nm2/60 and Nm2/120 China A import yarn dyed at Buratti; Nm1/20 carded Donegal silk and Melange; Nm15’s Twisted delave silk; Nm1/15 Tussah silk jaspe shantung; Nm2/72 wool/silk/linen; Nm2/100 silk/linen gassed; Nm1/15 70%Viscose 30%Silk Shantung Jaspe melange; Nm1/15’s 100%Viscose Shantung Jaspe melange and many Ecru silk and silk blended yarns and fancy effect yarns in ecru or dyed to order.

Contact Details: Filati Buratti S.P.A, Via G. Verdi 8, 13900 Biella (BI), Italy

For product enquiries, please contact Andrew Mann on 0113 201 8844 or email


Filatura Di Trivero

Filatura Di Trivero was founded by Attilio Hary in 1932 in Ferrero di Trivero, Biella and is now based in Gaglianico, Biella; managed by Federico Hary and his children, Matteo, Anna and Giovanni and team. This family-owned/operated yarn spinner specialises in the production of worsted spun 100% Cashmere, Cashmere/Silk and other luxury fibres including Camel, Vicuna, Guanaco, Qiviuk and very fine micron wool & wool/cashmere blends. Filatura Di Trivero became a member of the CCMI (Cashmere & Camel hair Manufacturers Institute), in the year 2000, an institute founded in 1984 to promote the use of cashmere and camel products and to safeguard the interests of producers, distributors and consumers of these luxury fibres.

A note from Andrew Mann: Ullmann International has represented Di Trivero for over 30 years and forged strong relationships with the UK’s luxury fabric weavers/merchants and weavers of fine apparel, accessory and luxury interior fabrics. We have worked closely together to establish Di Trivero as the ‘’go to’’ luxury worsted spinner for their diverse offer of Nm2/45; Nm2/52; Nm2/70; Nm2/80; Nm2/90 and Nm2/120 100% Cashmere ecru and Dyed yarns and Nm1/65; Nm2/65; Nm2/58; Nm2/80; Nm2/120; Nm2/180 Cashmere/Silk ecru and dyed ranges as well as Nm2/120 Super 180’s 100%Wool; Nm2/120 Angora/Silk; Nm2/60 Cashmere/Cotton; Nm2/60 Silk/Cashmere and Nm2/90 90%Cashmere 10% Vicuna and fancy effect yarns.

Contact Details: Filatura Di Trivero S.P.A, Via Antonio Gramsci, 129, 13900 Gaglianico BI, Italy

For product enquiries, please contact Andrew Mann on 0113 201 8844 or email


Monticolor S.P.A

Monticolor S.p.a, based in Montirone, Brescia, Italy, was established in 1993 and has built up a first-class reputation based on the key principals of quality, service and its ability to offer a wide range of stock-service, ring-spun 100% Cotton and cotton-blended yarns in Ecru/natural, solid dyed and melange colours. Using top quality USA combed and Mako, Egyptian long staple cotton, along with other natural and technical fibres, Monticolor has developed a varied range of ring-spun weaving, knitwear, accessory and performance fabric yarns, across a large Nm count range from Nm1/34, Nm1/50, Nm1/68 and 2-ply yarns up to super fine Nm2/100; Nm2/120 and Nm2/135 gassed and mercerised/gassed options.

A note from Andrew Mann: Ullmann International has worked closely with Monticolor since 2011 and has succeeded to introduce many stock-serviced cotton, cotton/linen, cotton fancy effect yarns and Global Organic Textile Standard, (G.O.T.S) approved organic cotton yarns to a wide and varied UK customer base who all benefit from Monticolor’s ‘’Just in Time’’ service for this increasingly important all-year-round fibre.

Contact Details: Via Artigianale, 55, 25010 Montirone BS, Italy

For product enquiries, please contact Andrew Mann on 0113 201 8844 or email



FIL 3 S.r.l was founded in Montemurlo, Prato, Italy in 1984 and is a successful family-run business, set up to meet the growing demands for Quick Response supply of low-MOQ weaving and knitting yarns. The importance of ready-made/stock-serviced straight and fancy/effect yarn collections, available across a wide range of woollen and worsted spun 100% Wool, Wool-blends and 100% Linen and linen-blended ecru, package dyed and fibre dyed options has enabled FIL 3 to attract a wide global customer base.

A note from Andrew Mann: Ullmann International has partnered FIL 3 since 2012 and has established a strong and loyal UK customer base who benefit from extensive coloured tweed/Donegal effect yarns, REMO regenerated wool/nylon coloured yarns, Nm2/25 100% Wool solid and melange, Nm1/40 100% Wool Compact solid, melange and printed, coloured fancy effect yarns and a huge range of 100% Linen solid, melange and Jaspé coloured ranges and linen blended yarns.

Contact Details: Via Viale A. Labriola, 59013 Montemurlo PO, Italy

For product enquiries, please contact Andrew Mann on 0113 201 8844 or email


Azeta Filati

Azeta Filati S.r.l was founded in Vaiano, Prato, Italy in 1994 and has developed and produced one of the largest and most beautiful fancy effect yarn ranges in the world. The dynamic and creative Azeta Filati team has worked hard and invested heavily in new plant, modern machinery and a reliable supply of natural and man-made fibres which has enabled the Company to diversify and expand its’ offer of Ecru/Natural, solid dyed and printed boucles, ondes, frises, gimp, catanella and other exquisite fancy effect yarns suitable for woven apparel, accessory, knitwear and home interior fabric solutions.

A note from Andrew Mann: Ullmann International has partnered Azeta Filati since 2011 and works closely with many famous Yorkshire and Scottish mills, who find huge scope and opportunity for innovative fabric developments using Azeta’s standard yarn ranges as well as exclusive, customised yarn developments when required. Azeta’s constant investment in their own production facilities is a testament to their commitment to their range, which we are proud to back wholeheartedly.

Contact Details: Via F.lli Buricchi n. 15, 59021 Vaiano, Prato, Italy

For product enquiries, please contact Andrew Mann on 0113 201 8844 or email



Sobifils S.p.a was founded in 1976 in Biella, Italy and is recognised as one of Italy’s most reliable suppliers of dyed 100% Polyester decoration yarns for woven suiting fabrics and woven selvedges. Sobilfils offers a large range of classic and fashion solid-dyed shades held within the ‘’POLYFILS’’ Nm2/160, 100% textured polyester continuous-fibre striping range, guaranteeing customer satisfaction through next-day despatching from stock colours, with minimum orders of 0.5 – 1 kilo per colour.

A note from Andrew Mann: Sobifils and Ullmann International have been allied for over a decade, offering the stock ranges to customers across the UK. A recent addition of a new Nm2/60’s POLYFILS 100% Polyester melange range in 9 standard colours will hopefully offer further fabric decoration opportunities to all of our UK worsted and woollen suiting fabric mills.

Contact Details: Sobifils Spa, Via Quintino Sella n.16, Vigliano Biellese (BI) 13856, Italy

For product enquiries, please contact Andrew Mann on 0113 201 8844 or email


Sinterama SpA

Sinterama are the major European manufacturer of filament polyester yarns; supplying in flat, textured (FTF), Taslan (Air Textured) and uptwisted versions. Yarns are available in both Raw White and yarn-dyed colours, along with well-established dope-dyed ranges in “super bright” and ‘fancy’ yarns. A product of huge, increasing topical interest is their “New Life” range; a wholly mechanically, recycled yarn produced from PET (polyester) bottles, sourced and processed locally in Northern Italy. There are huge ecological benefits from this process; mainly derived from the advantages of reduced power and water consumption, with a considerably reduced carbon footprint. End uses for their yarns include upholstery, home furnishings, narrow fabrics, Ribbons, Window Blinds, specialist apparel and other industrial and transport applications.

A note from Mike Clayton: Ullmann International have represented Sinterama SpA in the UK for over 16 years, having successfully sustained business over that period whilst reflecting and adapting to the many changes and challenges faced throughout the UK textile industry. Sinterama continue to invest and develop for the future and their service and quality remains at the highest level, much to the satisfaction of their UK customer base.

Contact Details: Sinterama Spa, Via Gramsci 5, Sandigliano, Biella 13876, Italy

For product enquiries, please contact Mike Clayton on 0113 201 8844 or email